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system software – microsoft windows, apple’s osx and linux

applications software – word, powerpoint, outlook, access, excel, sharepoint, pages, numbers, keynote, adobe, wordpress

System Software and Applications Software CompTIA A+, Microsoft, Apple

– transferable skill sets that can be used to support many positions and organizations.

Soft and Hard Skill-Sets Institute for Development Employment & Training, CSC, Northrop Grumman, Sprint, Riggs, Industrial Bank, Washington Airports Authority

– insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.
– what i have learned and practiced, we cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.

Motto Albert Einstein

– over 10+ years as an administrative assistant supporting executives and senior management.

Executive Assistant Financial, Telecommunication, Government Contractor, Aviation

Good Bye Cassini

Do You Remembered?

Going back in time do you remember things that are now gone. What do you remember and do they still exists?

  • Telephone Booth
  • Rotary Phone
  • Buffalo Nickel
  • Polaroids
  • DVDs from Blockbuster
  • AOL Dial-Up Internet Installation CD
  • Brown Paper Bag Hair Rollers

Do They Still Exists and Are They Used Today

Telephone Booth, (Only in Europe)
Rotary Telephone, (Great Grandma & Babyboomers)
AOL DVDs, (Storage at AOL Headquarter)
Polaroids, (used only when going camping)

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